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RTD Lumiglass Deep Cure

RTD Lumiglass Deep Cure

Product Details:


Product Description

Lumiglass DeepCure

Core Build-up Composite

LUMIGLASS DeepCure Core Built-up Composite is formulated to optimize and expedite the DT LIGHT-POST placement procedure. Light-Cured LUMIGLASS is translucent and can be easily cured in thickness of up to 11 mm* LUMIGLASS exhibits non-sticky handling characteristics for easy placement and sculpting. It is radiopaque and has high physical properties, to provide durable core build-ups. The esthetic neutral shade is ideal for use with porcelain jacket crowns and does not compromise the shade or optical properties of the ceramic prosthesis.

Physical Properties :
  • Depth of cure : 11mm
  • Flexural Strength : 114 ± 8 MPa
  • Microhardness : 28 knoop
  • Radiopacity : 230% A1. eq
  • Compression Strength : 234 ± 24 MPa
  • Water absorption : 24.7 µg / mm3
  • Water solubility :0µg / mm2
  • Available : Syringe of 5 gms.