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Endodontic Products
The Endodontic Products we deal in are useful for the cleaning as well as disinfection. The said products are useful for lubricating as well as bonding the Gutta-percha obturation material. Also, these allow for the removal of storage media, smear layer etc.
Prime Dental Chair unit & Equipments
Prime Dental Chair unit & Equipments we offer are offered with programmable dental chair as well as fix & changeable programs. Also, these have pneumatic suction as well as adjustable flow control for an advanced functionality.
Mani Files & Burs
The Mani Files & Burs we deal in are the tapered and slender instruments, which are accessible with intricate topography. These are used for cleaning as well as shaping the root canals during an endodontic treatment.
Medical Equipments
The Medical equipments we deal in are offered with specific purposes of treatment and diagnosis of various diseases and injury. They can be used in combination with all accessory, medical equipment and consumable.
Allure Hand Pieces by PDP
Allure Hand Pieces by PDP we deal in are the dental high speed hand pieces, which are extensively used in assorted dental procedures. These are offered with high speed dental drills which boast of excellent finish as well as ergonomic grip.
EDS Post Systems
We are dealing in best-quality EDS Post Systems, which allow for the access to the peri- apical tissues. These are needed for the treatment of root canal and help in the permanent cementing of dental holes.
RTD Dental Products
We are offering bets-quality RTD Dental products, which have accessibility in several styles as well as shapes. These boast of modular design and are included with other accessories that can do winders.
Mani Schutz Dental Products
The Mani Schutz Dental Products we offer are made from very strict precision as well as quality control. These are the outstanding products, helpful for both eye as well as heart surgery.
PDP Dental Chair Units & Equipment
The PDP Dental Chair Units & Equipment we deal in are portable dental units, accessible with fixed equipment. These are offered with various advanced systems.