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Dentaport OTR Module

Dentaport OTR Module

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Product Description

Dentaport OTR Module

OTR technology a safer way to clean and enlarge canals

The Dentaport ZX Low Speed Handpiece with OTR technology prepares root canals while displaying precise and accurate measurements. During file rotation, the torque is automatically measured. If the torque is less than the set value, the file rotation continues, but if the torque has reached the set value, the file reverses rotation by 900 and then continues in the cutting direction once again. OTR reduces file fatigue, as well as the possibility of file breakage. Lightweight, the handpiece it is ergonomically designed to minimize fatigue and fingertip stress and is ideal for endodontic access. It offers 8 speed settings from 150 to 800 rpm and 3 programmable memory modes.

  • 6 automatic safety features.
  • Auto motor start/stop.
  • Auto torque reverse.
  • Auto torque slow down.
  • Auto apical reverse.
  • Auto apical slow down.